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Human beings don't come into the world with elaborate plumage, intricate scales, phosphorescence, or the ability to change color at will.  Instead we are free to define our visual identities by choosing our own adornments.  What we wear can transform us and allow us to become the creatures of our imaginations.  My garments strive to unleash these creatures.

Though our human forms may not have evolved much in the last 200,000 years, our technology has. As new materials and techniques become available, we have the potential to create clothing that rivals the plumage of our most flamboyant animal relatives.​​

I am an artist and designer with a bachelor's degree in Visual Art from Brown University and an associate's degree in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.  As a girl from the mountains who migrated to the city, I am fascinated by the place where urban and rural, technological and natural, intersect.  Taking inspiration from nature and future, my work fuses innovative materials and technologies with classic design techniques to create unique garments for extraordinary environments.

The most extraordinary environment I've experienced is Burning Man, and I design many of my garments with the Playa in mind.



Evolution Through Adornment.
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